Honeyflux drops soothing new track, "God, Buddha & Me"

 You may be forgiven thinking this might be an offensive track, by the title alone. However, when we first laid our ears upon this track we fell in love with it right away. 

The vocals here are so damn tender, almost fragile like Orlando Weeks', and with them being backed up with some stunning instrumentation that will certainly take you on a ride through the stratosphere. It's one of those tracks that just elevates you up, without it feeling too psychedelic.

The track is a Dream-Pop fans wet-dream, in the middle of the track we have a huge moment where everything is alive as can be, before dropping down to some tender tones for the last minute. 

Of course, they had to be from Newcastle which is having a renaissance with music as of late. So why not stick on "God, Buddha & Me" and immerse yourself in Honeyflux before they get massive.