Martin Smith reveals video for new single, "Trouble" which features The Kingdom Choir

Martin Smith has revealed the video for his expansive new single, "Trouble" which features The Kingdom Choir on backing vocals. Right from the start of his career while in Cutting Edge back in 1992 he has since gone solo, and has since gone on to release some rather wholesome tunes, such as "Trouble".

The songs are akin to his previous work in the aforementioned Cutting Edge and his other band Delirious? as they all have a Christian-Rock vibe to them, with some big organ tones and angelic vocals going on in the background. 

With Smith having toured with Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams to name just two, he's already had support from literally everyone noteworthy in the industry, even going on to perform at a Royal Wedding! There is no doubt that Martin Smith has talent, and with the way, he crafts music I'm sure that even if you're not Christian/Religious (etc...) you will still find "Trouble" a powerful track that'll have you wanting more.