Oslo act End Of Proof shares latest single, "Don't Think Twice"

Oslo act End Of Proof shares their latest single, "Don't Think Twice". The single is their first of 2021 and grabs your attention right from the outset with the crisp guitar tones, vocals, and some haunting backing vocals. It's an upbeat cut with some drumbeats that will command your feet to tap, as well as the piano keys also giving the listener something else to bop along to.

The project is actually a solo project of Jon Hammeren Nilsson, but this time around he's enlisted one of his best friends Tyge to lay down the drums. Speaking about the track Jon says - "This is a story about just that. It's about seeing someone at a party, and making up a whole story in your head about them and you. If everything went perfectly, what would you do in this fantasy, what would you say? Or maybe rather what you would not say…"

Once we finished listening to the track we instantly headed to Spotify, where we found out it's been playlisted by an Editor. Also, End of Proof has been played a lot on Norweigan national radio NRK P3. With a solid fanbase and listeners from all over the world if End of Proof can string along more upbeat tunes like this I'm sure we will be hearing more from him in the future.