Picture The Scene shares anthemic new single, "Big Boy"

London's Picture The Scene has recently dropped their meaty new tune, "Big Boy". The single acts as the outfit's first track since the release of their debut EP 12 months ago, and boy, are they back with a bang.

Focusing on the vocals for a second they're incredibly British, with hardly any influence on the singing voice outside of the British Isles. The vocalist is as raw as Nine Black Alps' Sam Forrest, with enough grunge hints that any 90's kid will love.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Of the track Speirs says " ... "Big Boy" has been around now since the time of the EP and it marks the end of that era of the band, but I’ve never been so excited for a release. As for "Big Boy itself," it’s a belter for anybody who’s ever felt they’ve been in that relationship they couldn’t seem to get away from for the wrong reasons (we’ve all been there) and accepting the need to change and ultimately finding happiness with your pals and loved ones instead."

Musically it's 180 seconds of thrilling guitar music backed up with tight drum fills and thick bass, if you're after some anthemic rock and roll then Picture The Scene's new track is for you!