Alex Di Leo shares charming new single, "Following Feelings"

Nashville's Alex Di Leo last week shared his charming new single, "Following Feelings", which has everything we need from a laid-back electro-pop tune.

The intro is acoustic guitar before hod vocals fade in and elevates it to not far off pop-perfection. Once the chorus hits you the drumbeat turns up a notch and some electronic whispers are floating about to give the listener a sense that this track is more tender than initially thought.

Speaking about the track Alex mentions -  "2021 I found myself in my head more than I’ve ever been, overthinking everything. During a deep conversation with a close friend, he pointed out that I should follow what excites me. I think too often we allow our minds to get in the way of following our true feelings."

"Following Feelings" is one of those singles you will be revisiting a lot, the vibe we get from it is that Alex is looking to reach the upper echelons of the Pop world, and with tracks like this in his catalogue already it won't take him long.