Andreww releases upbeat single, "Surprise"

If you love upbeat indie-rock with massive nods to The Smiths and early 90's rock then  Andreww's latest offering "Surprise" might just (how do we word this...) wow you. Right from the outset, you have some tender guitar tones laced upon bright tones and the fast-paced drums giving you something to bop to. 

The bass throughout the song is rampant, with it sounding like the bass player not getting a rest whatsoever, however, we love it as it keeps the tempo of the track frantic and yet tender.

We can't go through the article without commenting on his vocals, they're so engrossing and wouldn't be out of place in the big festival states of Europe.

The sound Andreww has created is one that lots of guitar fans will be pining for more of. With the singer-songwriter not far off that golden million Spotify plays it feels like he could be topping many a 'Sounds of 2022' list too.