Baywud and Dvniel reveal their tender collab, "Last Call"

Straight out of LA, California is Baywud and Dvniel. Recently the two artists have revealed their tender and heart-on-your-sleeve collab, "Last Call". Released in October it's taken us a while to get this review out, but it doesn't mean we don't love it, as that's far from the truth - we adore it.

The chorus is very airy and full of joy, their vocal performances here really do get you and grab your attention right from the off, it sounds like something that should be dominating the radio waves. It's part poetry, part gospel, part hymn, but overall it's a pop anthem laced with sugary vocals that have you coming back for more.

Speaking about the track Dvniel mentions - "We dug deep on this one and wanted to write a song from both of our personal experiences with addiction, loss, hopelessness and struggle while finding a commonality in our stories." - Baywud goes onto say "This song has so many different meanings. It’s a song about loss and brokenness, as well as fear of the unforeseeable and the unknown."