Coral Palms return with anthemic new single, "Something In The Air"

London quartet Coral Palms have returned with their anthemic new single, "Something In The Air", which follows on from their massive hit, "Open Roads". Having got well over 150k plays on Spotify since the last release it sounds like they were just warming us all up.

It's yet another one of those upbeat Indie-Rock tracks that'll find its way into your playlists, as right away you're introduced to the song with vibrant guitars and some horns (oh we do love a good horn or two). Around the halfway minute the track becomes even more anthemic and frantic, with the drumbeats kicking up a notch and the lyrics coming at you like a speeding train. All before it drops away and builds up again for a massive finish.

It's easy to see here why they're doing so well off the back of a trio of single releases, may the trend continue!