Courtney Cole releases euphoric new track, "Light"

With well over two million - and counting - plays on Spotify is one of the biggest artists we've 'discovered' in recent months. Courtney Cole's latest offering is "Light" and is her second single of 2021 following on from the successful "i miss you".

Speaking about the song Courtney mentions " ... "Light" was inspired by nature, written on the ocean as a poem, and was turned into a song. It was recorded in 528hz, which is an ancient healing frequency present throughout nature. I am a big believer in sound healing, so it's important for my music to not only heal emotionally, as all music does, but energetically as well."

Now, her vocals are the main event here, reaching some incredible highs and while they get ethereal you're almost transported to the clouds where only planes would fly. It really soars above and is certainly some of the best vocals we've heard in a good few years.

The track itself is equally as vibrant, with punchy drums, sizzling synth lines all backed up with her vocals (again I know, but seriously they're amazing) - move over Grimes, Courtney Cole might just be the next big thing in electro-pop.