Dopplegangers drop infectious rock tune, "Three Steps South"

London-based Dopplegangers have dropped their latest infectious rock tune, "Three Steps South", which is full of lots of sugar-coated guitar lines.

The duo is twin brothers and originally came from North Yorkshire, which you can kind of hear with their vocals, slightly reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys and Ther Sherlocks.

Speaking about the song the duo mention - "The lyrics detail the trials and tribulations of moving to London from a small town and trying to get a foothold in such an unrelenting industry."

"Three Steps South" is brimming with swagger, from the vocals to the thick and commanding bassline encouraging you to get your strut on. After the halfway mark the track just seems to burst out even more with screaming guitars hidden away, until everything stops and you're just with a warm Americana-tinted guitar before it steadily builds into one heck of an anthem. Keep an eye on these twins, I know we will be!