Hollows return with captivating new single, "UV Lights"

We've had Hollows on the site before and they've almost certainly graced our playlists a few times, for good reason too. Their music just sounds honest, raw, and emotive - and that's exactly what you get with the latest offering "UV Lights".

Speaking about the song they mention " ... "UV Lights" is based around a night out with mates where little arguments and fallouts start coming to light because of the drink." Much like the aforementioned arguments you can hear the chorus encapsulate everything. We've got commanding vocal lines, brooding bass all wrapped up in frantic drums.

The latter third of the track is really where "UV Lights" comes out to shine (pardon the pun), it's so anthemic it feels like it's ready for the festival stages. There's a reason why we keep on coming back to Hollows and this song just confirms our affection.