Lavola releases first track in seven years, "Your Alarm Bell"

Californian trio Lavola has released their bright and vibrant new track "Your Alarm Bell". Drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, PJ Harvey, and The Blood Brothers their music also sounds like a heavy hitter in the world of Alternative-Rock.

Speaking about the song Lavola mentions - " ... "Your Alarm Bell" focuses on the complexities of loss and letting go- seeing constant reminders of loss in your bedroom, yet not feeling mentally and emotionally strong enough to let go of the emotional baggage on your own. Wanting the reminders of a past life to leave, yet finding comfort in relics from a past life lying around your home."

If you didn't know who this band was to prior to listening, you'd maybe have thought they're the kind of act that has headlined a good few festival stages, selling out arena venues along the way.

One thing Lavola sounds like they can do near-perfectly is create a sense of atmosphere combined with tender vocal lines. It's Thom Yorke's sensitive vocals mixed in with the urgency of Arcade Fire and Mystery Jets.

The single acts as their first foray into releasing music in over seven years, and from what we can tell is that's it worth the wait!