Mild Headache unveils punchy new single, "T Pose"

Birmingham noise-makers Mild Headache has unveiled their punchy new single, "T Pose". The single acts as their second release of the year and follows on from "Near Me", however, we feel like this track can help push the trio into more of the limelight.

Speaking about the new single the band mentions "This song was written at the beginning of summer 2020. The song takes a look at loneliness and the struggles a person has when facing their own company for long periods of time. The line 'there's some beauty in silence' is a positive spin on the phrase 'deafening silence' and a statement to say that it’s okay to be on your own, even though some may not be comfortable with it. "

If you grew up as a teenager in the 00's - like me - then this tune is going to be right up your alley. It's got deep guitar tones and plenty of choppy riffs with the pace all set by the frantic drumming. It's all wrapped up with some hazy and almost surf-esque vocals giving this anthemic track a bright edge to it. As mentioned before, if you like your 00's alt/indie-rock then you NEED to listen to Mild Headache's latest cut.