Nathan Trent reveals his sexy new tune, "Underwater"

Berlin's latest offering is Nathan Trent, and he has recently revealed his sexy new tune, "Underwater". Having been born in Vienna, Austria he has lived in LA and London too, now settled in the German capital he's evolved his early sound to something so soothing and sexy, just scroll down below and find out more!

The tune has some soothing vocals, especially in the chorus they feel just oh so tender. Combine the vocals with some slick instrumentation, soft keyboard tones, shimmering guitars are also laced throughout and even some ambient seagulls.

What Nathan has done here is craft a dreamy pop tune with subtle hints of alt-indie vibes and the acoustic stylings of early Ed Sheeran. There are lots of things to shout about here, and if Mr. Trent continues making music like this then he may literally be the next big singer-songwriter, not just in Berlin, but in the whole world.