The NGHBRS share catchy single "Chance On You"

If you're the kind of person that loves their catchy and upbeat pop-infused music then my goodness do we have something rather addictive for you.

He's got well over 100 million plays on Spotify and sounds like he's not done yet, as "Chance on You" is one of those love songs that you can see being used in adverts left right and center come Valentine's Day next year.

Speaking about the track Ryan mentions - " ... "Chance On You" is all bout meeting someone who without even trying convinces you that she might be the one. The whole concept of the song is I think I might take a chance on you."

"Chance On You" has some smooth production, enough to give anyone a run for their money, Ryan's  vocals on this sound so tender, and with some effects layered on top, such as deep echoes and reverb they help send it to the atmosphere and back. 

Clearly Ryan (aka The NGHBRS) is on the rise so why not catch him ahead of the curve and check out his latest bop below.