Wake The Sun share meaty new track, "Deep Blue Skies"

Bursting out of New York we've got Wake The Sun with their meaty new track, "Deep Blue Skies", and if you're into soaring guitars then this is the deep cut you've been waiting for.

Speaking about the track the band mentions - "The song is about how aspects of one's past can oftentimes impact our decisions for the future. And that it is important to realize that most, if not all of what we do is influenced by past trials and tribulations. The song elucidates the relevance of acknowledging those experiences but also depicts the importance of moving forward."

From the first twenty (or so) seconds we'd forgive you if you thought that this would be a slow jam, but once the tumbling drums come crashing in you're welcomed with soaring guitars and captivating vocals. It's one of those tunes that you can easily imagine a sweaty room full of people going mad to (oh with fog and lasers too).

It's a frantic taste of what the band has become and having only released two tracks since 2015 it's one heck of whack, giving the listener something to really nod their head to. If you liked this track be sure to check out their more 'Bluesy' track "Tell 'em All Again".