Warahenege unveils dreamy track, "Skyscrapers And Oceans"

Manchesters very own singer-songwriter Warahenege has unveiled his dreamy track, "Skyscrapers And Oceans". Yes, his, it's a solo project of Praveen who from the sounds of it is a big fan of Cigarettes After Sex and The XX as right away you're hit with his commanding (and yet soothing) vocals backed up with some thick basslines.

The track was entirely recorded in his Manchester bedroom, yet it gives off this massive atmosphere that gives the impression it was recorded in a church with a backing band. It's a tender track both musically and lyrically as it tells the story of him reflecting on conversations that have affected him over time.

Even before the halfway mark, we knew we'd be giving it many more plays, but please don't turn off before it finishes as there's one heck of a final minute that effectively sums up Warahenege perfectly. Big production, lots of atmosphere and underlined with tender vocals - he's one to keep an eye on, for sure.