Glass Violet drop anthemic new single "Indigo"

At the start of 2021 Bristolian act Glass Violet made a decision to make the best track that they could, and by the sounds of it, they've done it. "Indigo" is that track and it most certainly is the biggest track they've done (... so far). The quintet's second track of the year is a synth-rock track with what sounds like plenty of elements lifted from the 1980s.

The vocals work perfectly with the anthemic feel of the track, especially in the chorus when you're greeted with synths on top of one another with a commanding guitar helping to give the listener the sense of occasion.

The whole track marks a turning point for the quintet it seems, as for me, this is now the yard-stick we will be comparing their future music to. They're almost certainly going to keep on getting better and better over time, all we need now is a tour so we can watch this track in the setting of a venue! Be sure to check them out on Spotify, there's plenty more where this came from.