Hannah Dorman unveils uplifting new track "Fake Heartache"

Coming right out of the South of England is Hannah Dorman, and she's recently released her uplifting track "Fake Heartache". It's a blend of vibrant indie-pop mixed in with some acoustic guitar elements and anthemic moments, especially when the chorus comes in and Hannah's vocals lift the track into the stratosphere. 

She's one of the new breeds of artists that is using a new platform to push her music, back in the very early 00's we had MySpace, in the late 2000's and 2010's we had YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud, but now we see artists emerge on a new platform. Of course, it's TikTok, which seemingly exploded onto the scene last year and one of the artists embracing it is Hannah.

Speaking about the new single Hannah mentions - " ... "Fake Heartache" is an uplifting track combining heartache with self-love and self-worth."

Since going onto the platform she's got well over 250k followers and a staggering 5 million plays, stick that up your pipe and smoke it wow! It's no wonder how she's become one of the rising stars on the UK scene, it's all on social media platforms, and long may it continue because her new single is off the charts catchy!