Madelyn shares dark new single, "Tell Me Where You’re Running"

"Tell Me Where You’re Running" is Madelyn’s last single of 2021 - unless we're having a surprise Christmas single - and rounds out a rather solid year for the Birmingham based artist.

As soon as you hit play it's dark and gloomy, with the thick synths eeking into your ears. Her angelic vocals are ever so warm, much likes Grimes' were a few years ago. In fact, that's who we'd compare Madelyn to, a British version of Grimes with more grounded beats.

The track is straight-up Dark-Pop and will serve as a fantastic track for a late-night drive in the car or on a soundtrack to a thriller movie. With love from BBC Introducing, multiple online zine's and working their way into Spotify editorial playlists, so be sure to keep an eye on this Dark-Pop songstress,