Priestess releases dark new single "Echoes Of You"

London-based Priestess has recently released their dark new single "Echoes Of You", which is borderline ethereal from the outset.

The new tune comes off the back of their solid belter, "Shelter"", and is their fourth ever release. However, while you're listening to the new track you'd have thought they've been releasing music for longer than two years.

Now we need to point out the obvious, the vocals on this are just huge - like can fill an arena huge. The pair of lungs that Kate (vocals and founding member) has is a sweet blend of Hannah Reid (of London Grammar) and the classical tones of Amy Lee (of Evanescence fame). Musically it's a masterpiece, with gentle basslines soothing the listener's ears, delicate piano tones for those sombre moments and strings aplenty.

Basically what we're trying to say is if you're into acts that are bound to implode onto the wider scene then this is a band for you!