Sibuna reveals her boldest track yet, "Lost"

Sometimes we all need a slice of sugary pop goodness, and "Lost" by Sibuna from St. Gallen in Switzerland is one of those tracks that got us addicted from the first 30 seconds.

We've got sucked into the song right from the first 5 seconds with the tender guitar and crackling of a vinyl spinning. Sibuna's vocals are equally as mesmorising as they held my attention right until the end of the tune, and yes that's what it is an out and out tune.

"Lost" evolves from the first 10 seconds from an acoustic track to one with electronic beats, soulful lyrics and plenty of sexy grooves ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression on you. With this being her third single of 2021 the next year is now hyping up to be a big one for the Swiss singer-songwriter.