Ski Lift reveal fuzzy new single, "I Wanna Be You"

London outfit Ski Lift have revealed their fuzzy new single, "I Wanna Be You", which is their fourth single of 2021. The single is a sign of change in the band, as they've now got over 9000 monthly listeners on Spotify, mainly thanks to their huge hit "Portal".

The duo has had their music playlisted by all of the big Indie hitters on Spotify, with the Editorial playlist "Feel Good Indie-Rock" proving to be a big hunting ground for them, along with that they've found their way into a big Russian playlist.

The feel-good culture of their music is one of the key elements that have fans coming back more and more. Combine that with their tracks being short and sweet we then have a recipe for success as fans return to their music to explore their sonic and fuzzy sounds over and over.