The Bobo returns with stunning track, "Here We Are Again"

Based out of Oxford, UK is Polish singer-songwriter The Bobo and she's returned with a simply stunning track, "Here We Are Again".

The track is a fusion of electro-pop and dream-pop, with some experimental sounds even working their way into the track. As mentioned, it's not the first time we've had one of her tracks on the site. Earlier this year we had "Will You" and thought that was stunning, and now we've had to take a step back to admire how spectacular this is.

Maria's vocals sound like they get better with every release she does, her Polish language track "Razem" was once the pinnacle but now "Here We Go Again" holds the top spot in my opinion. What makes this track just a cut above the rest is how it evolves from the first few seconds from a dream-pop track to a borderline dance anthem. Maria Rozalska's project is just on the cusp of bursting out of Oxford and into the world, so seriously head below and check it out.