The Lowtones share explosive new single "Breaking Out"

The Lowtones hail from Norwich in the UK and recently they have shared the post-punk tinted and explosive new single "Breaking Out".

The track sits in at just a tickle over two minutes, but right from the outset, the track is in full swing with deep and brooding guitar lines that sound like they've been picked right out of a Joy Division tune. At the tail end of the bridge after the first chorus, we have some shimmering tones that give the track some light, even the darkest of tracks needs a glimmer of brightness.

The vocals are as commanding as ever and certainly held my attention from the first word spoken right until the last. The Lowtones have made a perfect and compact post-punk track, and I'm sure if they make the right steps the masses in the UK will be (hopefully) hearing more of them in the future!