APEX return with anthemic new cut, "GUILTY PLEASURE"

 St. Albans very own rock starlets, APEX, have returned with their anthemic new cut, "GUILTY PLEASURE". With the previous three singles before it also having their song in capital letters it already gives the listener some hints to what the track will sound like, hint - it's loud.

Opening the track we've got guitar feedback before quickly having commanding vocals and crunching guitar tones here there and everywhere. This is what APEX do perfectly, fill every millisecond of the track with tasty basslines, cowbell, crashing drums and those oh so seductive vocals.

To say that APEX's new single, "GUILTY PLEASURE", is anthem might actually undersell it, it's an out and our rock tune! If you're going to watch any new band this year make it APEX as we can see this being the pinnacle of their sets.