Blossoms share new single, "Ribbon Around The Bomb" + announce new album

Blossoms are back baby, and they have shared a brand new single, "Ribbon Around The Bomb", which if lifted from their brand new album of the same name.

Speaking about the new cut, frontman Tom mentions that he came up with the name in 2019 while visiting Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico - "I immediately thought that it was a great title for a song and album because of the imagery that it evoked in my mind. I thought about how lots of things in life could be described as being a ribbon around a bomb in the sense that as people we often dress things up which have a darkness lying beneath them."

Ribbon Around The Bomb 

1. The Writer’s Theme
2. Ode To NYC
3. Ribbon Around The Bomb
4. The Sulking Poet
5. Born Wild
6. The Writer
7. Everything About You
8. Care For
9. Cinerama Holy Days
10. Edith Machinist
11. Visions
12. The Last Chapter