CDM's new offering, "january '22", is a wonderful slice of bliss

CDM is an Edinburgh based artist who creates some of the most ambient and lofi music we've heard in a while. He started the project back in 2020 and has achieved close to 20,000 monthly listeners, with a mixtape/album and a handful of singles to his name too.

His music is comparable to that of Burial and Four Tet's early recordings, there's not a lot of instruments going on here, but the way he's worked them into the production is that they somehow fill the whole room with a relaxing and almost cinematic sheen.

The new cut is titled "january '22" and for me reminds me a lot of being a child in the UK in winter, the clicks of the drum reminds me of a fire, the raindrops remind me of the drizzle that wraps the country in a mist and piano keys that warm you up on those Sunday evenings.

If you love our relaxing and ambient soundscapes then you just have to delve into CDM's world, it'll do you a world of good!