Evie Balfe reveals synthy single, "According To Maybe"

London's Evie Balfe has revealed her incredibly synthy single new, "According To Maybe", her first single since her 2020 single "Grow". She's had plenty of support from BBC Introducing in the lead-up to this release and Hoxton radio also picking her up for airtime.

Speaking about the song Evie mentions - " ... "According To Maybe speaks" to anybody suffering from low self-esteem."

Right from the outset, the single is a synth-lovers wet dream, with thick tones that remind us of CHVRCHES blended with some more ethereal Purity Ring vibes too. Evie's vocals reach for the stars and sound like they just keep on going, they hold your attention from the first letter spoken right until the very end when the track is at its most raw and epic.

Evie Balfe's new single sounds like it'll be taking her music to an all-new level, if this is what she's putting out now imagine her in a year or two's time - borderline world beating!