Far West returns with new single, "It Feels Now"

On Friday Far West returned with his expansive new single, "It Feels Now", marking the first track of (hopefully) many for 2022. After a tremendous past 12 months, which saw the Santa Cruz singer-songwriter a quartet of singles, which ultimately got him well over 100k streams on Spotify alone, and it's not hard to see why. 

" ... expansive 80's tinted pop"

His new single continues along with the trend of big sounds that sound like they've been cherry-picked from the 1980s with his hush and soft vocal tones once again being the main attraction. Combine that with the thick basslines which remind us of New Order and a smattering of sexy saxophones and what you end up with is one heck of a single.

Having been discovered on over 50 playlists on Spotify alone, it showcases that Far West is a rising star in the indie-pop genre. So instead of waiting for the next indie-pop gem to come to you, why don't you discover the expansive 80's tinted pop from Far West - you won't regret it.