James Sebastian drops punchy tune, "Shipwrecked Soul"

James Sebastian has recently dropped his punchy new single, "Shipwrecked Soul", which reminds us of early The Libertines mixed in with the angular guitars of Art Brut.

After getting round to start releasing his music back in 2021 he's now got into the stride of things and is bashing out guitar-driven tunes left right and centre. The single in question was the bow on his 2021 being released at the tail end of the year.

Speaking about the new single James mentions - "This song was written back in the December of 2020, at the end of the first year of Covid. I think the power and energy of the song stems from the frustration of those first few lockdowns, but also a desire to build a song that's ready for live performance."

Indeed this sounds like the perfect song for a live setting, and with the horn section in the studio track hooking me I feel like I may just end up being one of those mad fans down the front when this comes on. If you're not jiving and grooving by the end of this do you even have rhythm?