Jason Rueger and the Eyes share new dreamy single, "Fault Line"

Jason Rueger and the Eyes have recently shared their expansive new single, "Fault Line", which acts as their first of 2022.

Having formed back in 2018 the Los Angeles-based band is fronted by Jason Rueger and four of his friends, together they are collectively known as Jason Rueger and The Eyes. The genre of their music sits somewhere in between the darker and more subtle tones of Americana and hints of Alt-Rock elements.

The new single is so delicate it's as if your ears are behind wrapped in honey that's kissed by the sweetest of fairies. The guitars are so warm, enough to keep you toasty in the coldest of winter evenings, and the vocals playing off of them just cap the track off beautifully, so tender and yet so commanding.

The new single is lifted from the band's new album "Dowsing the Desert", which drops on the 18th of February 2022. If you love what you hear they have lots more on Spotify in the form of their debut LP, but with the new album coming soon I bet you'll be listening to them for many moons to come.