Jodi Valentin is back with the upbeat new cut, "Electric"

Philadelphia's Jodi Valentin is back with her upbeat and shimmering new cut, "Electric". With now being clear of 700k streams on Spotify Jodi is now looking to break past the one million plays mark, and with the new song now out we feel like 2022 will be the year she achieves it.

Much like her previous two singles back in 2021, the new offering is a sugary kiss into the listener's ears. Upbeat drumbeats and clicks intertwine with deep and brooding synth elements, however, once the chorus hits it's as if you've been taken back in time to the late '80s. 

It's the subtle elements that we just love in "Electric", keep an ear out for the almost sparkling synth keys in the chorus, strongly reminding me of the music I grew up listening to in the late 80s and early 90s.

There's so much nostalgia surrounding Jodi's new track that it almost guarantees that you'll feel right at home listening to her music, and as we mentioned earlier on, she's only going up with every release so be sure to follow her on all of the socials.