LEMON return with energetic new single, "How Can You Rhyme That Shit?"

 Amsterdam's finest LEMON has today sensationally returned with their energetic new single, "How Can You Rhyme That Shit?", marking the start of what's going to be a big year for the band (judging by this track alone).

Much like their previous efforts the track is a bit of a throwback, with some baggy elements that sounds like it's been picked right up from the '90s to some surf-rock elements that were big in the late 2010s.

It's the first track we've heard that's been released in 2022 that has given us the summertime vibe, we're already dreaming of those late evenings and partying into the next morning. LEMON have always given us music that we love from the get-go, and "How Can You Rhyme That Shit?" is once again a single that we just love.

Here's to many more, so head down below and get your groove on - 2022 is going to be a solid year for them mark my words.