Matthew Liam Nicholson releases dreamy new tune, "The Worm Turns"

Californian resident Matthew Liam Nicholson has today released his dreamy new tune, "The Worm Turns". The new single is his fourth ever release and follows hot off the heels of his big hit "The Publisher", which has since gone on to be his most streamed song yet.

It's a dreamy start to what is a song with lots of ambiance and spatial sounds. The combination of strings mixed in with the guitar tones is a stroke of genius, as it gives the guitar elements more of a tender feel.

When we come to the vocals we can't help but love these gentle vocals backed up by some angelic voices, once again enhancing the track even more so.

He's had his music featured in several playlists on Spotify, each helping the singer-songwriter to gain more fans and adoring listeners.