Pierce Alexander shares "Make It Up To You", an honest look into relationships

Hailing from the charming Charleston in South Carolina, USA the singer-songwriter Pierce Alexander yesterday shared his new single "Make It Up To You", which is an honest look into relationships. The single is the follow-up to his grand 2020 single "On Hold"

Photo by Jenna Desmond and Dylan Dawkins

What strikes me most is the overall sound of the song, reminding me a little bit of 90s Brit-Pop with elements that you swear down that were written by the likes of James, Oasis and Travis. Pierce's vocals are rather delicate to the listener, and while backed up with the string section in the chorus they get elevated into borderline dreamy and is a heavenly folk-rock tinted look into a real hidden gem of a talent.

Speaking about the song Pierce mentions - "The song follows the story of the narrator travelling to be with his lover but the trip doesn't go as expected. The song loosely resembles a toxic one-sided love scenario that I witnessed in real life but also draws from my own personal experience with being led on."

IN his back catalogue he's got a bunch of tunes, ranging from dark and melodic singles to more upbeat ones such as "Make It Up To You", so be sure to give him a follow, we've already done so!