Rock on with The Midnight Vortex's new cut "Long Way Ahead"

It's the day you can now rock on in 2022 with The Midnight Vortex's new cut "Long Way Ahead", which is their second-ever release, having only formed last year post-lockdown in the Summer of 2021.

The quintet came together over a love of guitar music and big tones, as you might be able to tell from the song. 

The new cut is one of those slow, grand and big sounding ballads, especially when Bri's vocals are at their highest you have to take a step back and really appreciate how good they are. She can go from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs within moments.

Instrumentally there's a lot of guitars layered upon one another, and with big drums filling the rest of the song out. It's part glam, part blues and part grunge, a truly great first impression of their work and I'm sure if you got this far you'd be giving it more than the one spin too!