Seasoning reveals charming new single, "Friends"

Singer-songwriter Lachlan Blake, otherwise known to you and me by the stage name Seasoning has today revealed his dreamy and charming new single, "Friends". The latest track from the Brisbane based outfit is his first since 2018, well actually it's his second ever, but while hearing it you'd be forgiven to think that he's toured all over his home country of Australia it's that good.

Much like most of the great music we hear from 'down under' there's a slight hint of psychedelic about it. Maybe it's so engraved into their society that it's now a part of their music culture but for me, as a European, it's always fantastic to hear these elements wallowing away.

It's one of those catchy tracks that leaves a lasting impression on you, his dreamy almost surf-pop vocals laid upon tender lo-fi guitar sounds and smooth synths really combine together like the Avengers of Indie. It's a powerhouse of dream-pop and if you're looking for that track to define as such it'll be "Friends" by Seasoning.

For a 100% home recording this is astonishing, and here's to many more of them too! Seasoning is an outfit we're going to be keeping a close eye on, and so should you.