The Thing With Feathers release new single, "Lights Down Low"

The Thing With Feathers has returned with their brand new single for 2022, "Lights Down Low". The single acts as the second teaser from their upcoming debut EP, "Sundays In The South".

The Nashville quartet is the kind of band that is under the radar for anyone outside of the USA, however they sound so damn fantastic and polished that you'd be forgiven that they've done a tour of Europe's best venues already.

Speaking about the song, Dave mentions... "It tells the events of a fast and dangerous relationship that started in a smoke-filled bar. [The song is about] two characters' rebellion against the whitewashed ideologies of southern Christian culture. The song is centred around a bass riff and has an overall darker tone, something we were eager to play around with after writing songs that were bright and pop-forward."

So the new cut, "Lights Down Low" was produced by Owen Lewis (who's worked with Snow Patrol amongst others) and is so epic, as right from the outset it's so expansive. Dave's (vocals) caress your ears and fill them with smooth rock tones, and with them being backed up by crisp guitars when the chorus hits the whole song turns into a true Indie anthem.

With well over one million plays on Spotify behind them the momentum is certainly there for the quartet to break it outside of the USA.