Anna Baldree shares latest offering, "Final Girl"

Anna Baldree late last month shared her latest offering, "Final Girl", which is her second-ever release. Hot off the heels of her 2021 debut "Try Again" the new cut sees Anna going down a rather dreamy and atmospheric route, especially with her vocals sounding ever so angelic in parts.

There's so much majesty surrounding "Final Girl" and with the slightly haunting guitar lines adding to the atmosphere, it's a track that'll almost certainly get your attention from the first play. Before hearing her music I'd have never known of such a place Chattanooga, but from now on I'll always remind myself of Anna Baldree's stunning vocals.

Speaking about the new song she mentions, "I wrote "Final Girl" about this person I had hyped up in my mind and just romanticized to the point of no return. I really did have a dream they were a serial killer and woke up with this sense of clarity about the whole situation: Pining can be easier than actually getting to know someone, and it stays perfect in my head, as opposed to having the real thing only for it to be a disappointment"

Anna Baldree is so new to the scene we can't quite predict how big she is going to be, but if she keeps on creating wonderful and heart-warming pop like this then the sky is the limit.