Baudelaire drop thrilling debut track, "Prayers"

Bursting out of The Midlands is Wolverhampton's rip-roaring new band, Baudelaire and their equally rampant debut single "Prayers". The tune comes off the back of their formation - yes this is their first-ever track! - and hard work in the past year, coming together as a five-piece to create an expansive and quite honestly massive sound for themselves.

The track is only around two and a half minutes long but in that time they pack loads in. The track is quick out of the blocks with distorted bass and tumbling drums, right before the soaring guitars come in draped with gothic vocals that remind us of The Cure in places. 

The chorus is by far one of the best Indie-Rock choruses of the year so far, and just keeps the pace of the track flowing - but by this point, it's evolved into a tornado of whirling sounds. As a five-piece band there's so much to chew over, and it only enhances them as with every listen you end up discovering more. 

With some support slots with Cabbage, Document and King Nun already under their belts the future is sounding abso-f-king big for this band. This is a debut track to froth over, so stop wasting your time and go check it out.