Benjamin David announces himself with debut single, "Temporary Lovers"

New to the scene is Benjamin David, a singer-songwriter with one heck of a voice on him. Hailing from London he's going out to set himself apart from the others, and his debut single might be the one to break it for him.

As mentioned in the intro his vocals are just so, damn, powerful and commanding. His voice is at its peak in the chorus where you can really hear his emotions shine through. When Benjamin's voice is playing off the guitar tones this is where we knew that we'd be revisiting this track, and on the fifth play here I am.

Speaking about his debut release the singer says - "The song is about the pain of losing someone and the challenges of moving on without that person." He then went on to say "My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone during the pandemic".

It's an anthemic track with plenty of soul and dare I say it, a hit of the gospel. So if you're looking for a track that can easily transcend genres head down below and check out Benjamin David's debut effort.