Bob Li Beats releases vibrant tune, "Bouquets"

 Californian singer-songwriter Bob Li Beats has recently released his vibrant and summer-ready new tune, "Bouquets" - which features the sublime Phoebe Vail on vocals. So, If you like the sound of sun-kissed indie pop then look no further!

Bob Li Beats is now well clear of the quarter of a million play mark on Spotify and with these bright and vibrant tunes no wonder - and all done by word of mouth and playlisting, pretty cracking by any standard.

The track bursts to life right away and the gorgeous and reassuring vocals in the background lulls you into the tune, right before you end up getting won over by Phoebe's vocals almost instantly. Speaking about the song Phoebe mentions - "It’s about the challenges that come with ‘adulthood’ and not having enough time or energy to blossom or achieve what you're passionate about because you’ve got responsibilities that take up your time and baggage that takes up your energy."

The instrumentation is rather beautiful too, the punk-rock sounding guitars on the back of the dream-pop flavoured synths and airy backing vocals work rather magnificently.

The combination of the sugary synths and vocals here really won me over when I played it for the first time and with Bob Li beats' production skills evident to hear it won't be much longer before his feel-good music will be all over the world infecting everyone with positive vibes.