Brett Copeland hits back with striking new anthem, "Cure For Me"

 LA-based musician Brett Copeland has released his commanding new single "Cure For Me". The single is his first of 2022 and is the first since he broke past the 300k play mark on Spotify, cementing his name in the latest batch of rising rock stars.

There's a lot of dark elements in the track, especially in the chorus you can hear haunting vocals blended in with screeching guitars, giving the listener that sense of urgency and edge. In fact, the song is edgy from start to finish, with Brett's vocals dominating proceeds, no doubt with his singing talent here. 

Sitting in at a very friendly three minutes this has the potential to be repeated/looped for ages, so if you feel like you've got addicted to it sorry (not sorry). so head on down below to check out Brett Copeland's latest rock anthem.

Speaking about the song Brett says " ... "Cure For Me" is a song about debilitating anxiety caused by hypochondria, paranoia and psychosomatic disorders that ultimately take a toll on my mind and body. Not to mention the determinants of reading or watching the news and constantly being glued to a computer or phone screen waiting for the end of the world."  - now this makes the listener now understand beforehand why the track is so commanding and direct.

With the set of lungs, Brett Copeland has the sky is the limit for the Californian based singer, there's something that he has that tells me he has got what it takes.