Catastrophe & Cure reveal big new track, "Cracks in the Pavement" featuring Katrin Paucz

Catastrophe & Cure on Friday just gone revealed their big new track, "Cracks in the Pavement" featuring Katrin Paucz. The Vienna based act have well over half a million streams on Spotify - and more elsewhere too - and this new track sounds like it can easily get a million all on its own. 

The sound for me reminds me of the 1990s with those washed-out vocals and guitar tones giving me strong throwback vibes to my childhood.

"Cracks in the Pavement" is so anthemic and with a real drive in the chorus, it just adds to the experience for the listener. Here Catastrophe & Cure have got together with fellow Austrian, Katrin Paucz (of the band Sharktank), who adds even more sparkling gliss to what's already an atmospheric and anthemic Alt-Rock song for those who love layered guitar seconds and huge choruses.  w

Speaking about the song the band mentions - "Lyrically, Cracks in the Pavement is a song about growing older and feeling stuck. Nevertheless, it is also a song that doesn’t leave you void of any hope, but with the possibility of a new beginning."

If you asked me before today who my favourite Austrian band would be, Id' draw a blank and maybe stutter to even give you an answer, but today I can safely say Catastrophe & Cure now hold that crown - and long may they reign.