Chasing Shadows drop anthemic new track, "Light Up The Sky"

Hailing from Rhyl in Wales, Chasing Shadow are back with a bang in 2022 with "Light Up Th Sky" - the second single to be released from their forthcoming EP.

The new song "Light Up The Sky" comes off the back of receiving a grant from the BBC, and it's putting the band right in front of new listeners that from the sounds of it will lap up their sound. The blend of guitar tones and dominating anthem tinted vocals remind us of a blend of The Sherlocks mixed with Biffy Clyro in parts.

Speaking about the song, members Ben and Russ mention - "This was one of the first songs we worked on after we’d finally got back into practice after lockdown." Going on add "That feeling of joy comes across in our new music and 'LightmUp the Sky' optimises that as it is the brightest song we wrote."

If you must skip to a certain point in the track make sure it's the chorus and leading bridge out into the verse, as this encapsulates everything this band is about, big riffs and danceable rock music. This single for me at least has already cemented their sound and shows off what the quartet can do, but know this, it's not a one-off - and we can see the next batch of songs being this bug if not bigger.

The quartet have been also playlisted by multiple outlets on Spotify, helping them get in front of as many new ears as possible. There's a reason why this isn't the first time we have posted about them, they're still on the rise but can explode onto the global scene at any moment, with riffs like this it's inevitable.