Edwin Rosen shares retro new cut, "Vertigo"

Germany's biggest rising star as of late is Edwin Rosen and he has recently shared his synthy and dark new cut, "Vertigo". When I mean rising, I mean it. He's got close to half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone and with a collective 20 million-plus streams too!

The track is sung in its entirety in his native tongue - German - much like his previous releases, but this one transcends any language barrier as you feel right at home with the twanging guitars, soaring synths and processed drums.

Edwin Rosen sounds like the kind of musician who has the hype and is worthy to be called the next best thing, in fact many websites have already picked up on his music and multiple playlists on Spotify already have him added.

Quite frankly Edwin Rosen's sound encompasses everything I personally love in music, so his new track is 100% going to be added to my daily playlist. With a sold-out tour and an EP release back in 2021, the forthcoming months are now looking rather bright for the young German musician.