Elektric Animals return with the sensational "Come Clean"

Elektric Animals have sensationally announced their first song of 2022, "Come Clean", and boy are you in for a ride. With five singles - one of which being a remix - released in 2021 the band are now setting their sights on even more streams, fans and ultimately more live shows.

Elektric Animals last week announced the release of their brand new EP, titled "Channels" it'll be released on the usual streaming platforms via Third String Records and will feature this rip-roaring new offering.

"Come Clean" hits you like a rabid hare coming at you from far in a field, you can see it's on a charge but when it hits you you're left dazed. The crunching dark guitar hooks counterbalance the shimmering and almost ethereal synths and help create a track with plenty of atmosphere.

When the chorus comes in it's a peal Elektric Animals, it's festival-ready with plenty of oomph. Colorado's rising quintet is looking like they'll be a national name very soon, and with that who knows... the world!