Elijah Mann shares soothing new single, "Clementine"

Coming out of Brooklyn, NY in the USA we have Elijah Mann and today he has shared his soothing new single, "Clementine", which is only his second track since 2019's EP "The Flooding Season".

Since then he's gone on to get an almighty amount of plays on Spotify and YouTube with well over a million across all platforms, and the new song sounds like it's been written for people to instantly fall in love with.

Speaking about the new single Elijah mentions - "The track captures an intensifying attraction between two people that ultimately launches from a tipping point into something much greater. The fresh beginning, optimistic uncertainty, and thrill of new love evoked through the lyrics in "Clementine" is a reminder of perhaps one of the most underrated and exciting stages of a relationship." This might be why the track hits home for so many listeners, the lyrics are written such that people can relate to them.

The gentle and warming guitar tones provide perfect bedding for the vocals to be layered upon, it's anthemic in the right places and is ethereal in others. Mann's vocals are just so welcoming for new listeners, you feel right at home from the very start to the end.

Elijah Mann's new single could be his biggest yet, and with the instrumentation written to impress I feel like this could be his biggest hit to date (maybe even ever it's that grand).