Emblematics release dreamy new track, "Festival Door"

Hailing from Calgary in Canada we've got Emblematics and they've recently released their dreamy new track, "Festival Door". The new cut follows on from their 2020's mini-album "Wavelength" and sees the quartet reach new heights with their dreamy soundscapes.

Having been featured in a handful of Spotify playlists the band are taking it to the next level with the release of their second EP "Navigation" on April 22nd. The sounds are a blend of Shoegaze and Dream-Pop, airy vocals backed up with dreamy melodies that can easily keep you calm after a long day.

Speaking about the track vocalist/guitarist Micheal mentions - " ... "Festival Door" is a slightly weird dream pop-dance track. The majority of the lyrics discuss dealing with a daily, pointless pursuit which contrasts somewhat with the upbeat tempo of the song.”

The high synth tones really compliment the guitar effects, and when the vocals come in the track evolves into a dreamy cut with lots of protentional. Droplets of more guitar come in closely followed by the brooding bass. "Festival Door" really hi's its stride in the chorus as it slowly becomes a psychedelic sounding track, something akin to what Kevin parker would write.

It's a slightly haunting track with bright moments to give the listener something to always think about what's coming next - and who knows, maybe this will open the door to festivals for the band!